GreenZine Brookline

Where sustainability is a school issue


We welcome submissions from anyone in the Public Schools of Brookline community, though our priority is to provide students with an opportunity to publish their views and voices.  We encourage younger students to work with educators to craft their pieces, however we request that parents/caregivers and other adults take care to limit their input and prioritize the authentic voice of students.  Student work should represent the voices of students, exclusively. 

Please submit drafts, images or ideas for drafts here.  All drafts and docs should be shared for editing with:, and

Parents/Caregivers must provide permission to identify K-8 student authors here.

Guidelines for submitting art, illustration, photography (or, optionally, poetry):

Please include an artist’s statement where prompted in the submission form: 2-5 sentences that help your audience learn more about your work and it’s connection to our mission themes:  climate change, the environment and outdoor experience.  Write in the first person.  You might include some (not all) of the following:

  • Your medium and materials used (and the kind of art you like to make)
  • Is there a personal story or connection in this work?
  • Thematic focus or vision
  • What you are exploring
  • What you hope your audience will feel or think about
  • Source of creativity or inspiration
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